OCTOBER 2020, Stockholm, Sweden


Engaging, Secure & Connected Environments




all about?

Technology is enabling the development of smart spaces - spaces that are connected to the world in which they exist - connected to the people that utilise them & connected to those that manage & operate them. Airports, parks, retail centres, ports, cities, campuses and other communal spaces can now be transformed into interactive and immersive environments. 

Data can be utilised to improve how we live, work, shop & are entertained. Smart Spaces 2020 will explore how these previously “dumb” or unused spaces can be transformed to improve experience, operational excellence, safety & profitibility.

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Take the opportunity to meet with buildings, facilities & space management professionals from Airports, Ports, Cities, Property Management Companies, Retail Centres, Universities, Theme Parks and more. Get connected with your peers & start creating your next Smart Space!

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Great Speakers

At Smart Spaces 2020 you will hear from inspirational thinkers in the future development & utilisation of space & places. How can technology be implemented to create interactive, connected and responsive environments for citizens, employees & customers? 


The Future is Now

Technology is offering operational executives an opportunity that has not been seen before, by implementing a variety of smart technologies spaces can be transformed into engaging & interactive environments. Smart Spaces 2020 - making your space stand out from the rest!

Build your Network

Take the opportunity to meet & network with speakers, industry leaders & your peers - challenge their views & discuss what needs to be done to create, smart, interactive & connected spaces.

Co-creation & collaboration are now more important than ever. So join us at Smart Spaces & start the discussions that will help to shape the future of the industry.

Inspiring Speakers

How can airport operators utilise AI, Analytics, IoT & other smart technologies to create a seamless & secure customer experience? How can city administrators utilise smart spaces to improve quality of life?


Smart Spaces 2020 will showcase how space operators can radically improve their operations across a wide variety of metrics. Through knowledge sharing & a forum for open discussion our speakers will start the debate - it is up to you to join in!


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Access to all conference & networking sessions, lunch, snacks and coffee served in the exhibition area.

Solution Provider Ticket


Access to all conference & networking sessions, lunch, snacks and coffee served in the exhibition area.
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